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About the Intellectual Property Promotion Center

In this center we cooperate the professors of NTUST to increase the value of their patents by promoting the patents to various industries in order to stimulate the growth and reputation of NTUST. Through the interactions with various industries we strive to increase the nation’s competitiveness and technological development. The center acts as a bridge between industry and the university in order to create a vast intellectual property service network.


The Goals of the Center

  • Link and incorporate patents to projects in order to gain resources from various government institutions or other investment sources, and search out and deliver the patents to cross-field industries.
  • Give industries patents that will support them in undertaking projects, developing brands, upgrading and restructuring their business plans and business operations, and adopt good IP management into their overall business strategy and practice.
  • Through this process the professor and students’ patents will improve as well as develop effective IP management and commercialization strategies and deal with possible challenges in the competitive environment.


Main Activities of the Center

  • Patent research and consultation
  • Enlightening activities on intellectual property rights
  • Support, sustain and manage rights for research achievements
  • Handling inquiries about National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Intellectual Property Rights



Director :  Shih-Hsun (Bruce) Chen



Address:Intellectual Property Promotion Center, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, No.43, Keelung Rd., Sec.4, Da'an Dist., Taipei City 106335, Taiwan (R.O.C.)